Experience Quality Janitorial Service With Stripping & Waxing

Keep your commercial facility looking its best with Commercial Cleaning by JF, the top provider of janitorial service in Fayetteville, NC. Our focus is not only on maintaining a clean and healthy environment but also on preserving the beauty and longevity of your floors. A key part of our comprehensive cleaning services is our expert stripping and waxing process that leaves your floors shining like new.

Floor Care Excellence

Maintaining hard surface floors can be a challenging task for businesses and commercial buildings. We take pride in offering professional stripping and waxing services to ensure that your flooring remains beautiful, functional, and safe for everyone walking on it. Our team has extensive experience working with various types of flooring materials, including vinyl, VCT tiles, linoleum, and more.

  • Evaluating: We begin by evaluating the current condition of your floors to determine the appropriate type and intensity of cleaning required.
  • Stripping: Our certified technicians use eco-friendly solutions to strip away old wax buildup without causing any harm to your flooring material.
  • Sealing: Once all dirt, grime, and old wax have been thoroughly removed, we apply a high-quality sealer to protect your floors from future damage.
  • Waxing: We apply multiple coats of premium floor wax for a glossy shine that reflects light beautifully while providing durable protection against everyday wear and tear.

The Advantages of Professional Stripping & Waxing Services

Incorporating professional stripping & waxing services into your property’s cleaning schedule offers numerous benefits such as:

  • Enhanced floor appearance: A clean, shiny floor presents a positive first impression to clients and visitors while ensuring the comfort of your employees.
  • Increased durability: By removing old wax and resealing the surface, we prolong the lifespan of your flooring material and prevent costly damage or repairs in the long run.
  • Improved safety: Regular maintenance reduces slip hazards caused by dirt, grime, and uneven wax buildup, thus promoting a safer working environment for everyone.
  • Eco-friendly solutions: We use only environmentally friendly products and methods for stripping & waxing, ensuring that your floors are safe and sustainable for both people and the planet.

Don’t let lackluster floors tarnish the reputation of your business. Trust Commercial Cleaning by JF as your preferred provider of janitorial service in Fayetteville, NC, including expert stripping and waxing processes that make your facility shine. Contact us at (910) 258-5298 to schedule a consultation!